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Globaleye: Your Choice for Superior Financial Advice and Business Solutions

Handling financial affairs can be a tricky process, whether it’s a private matter or a corporate concern. For private individuals, dealing with various types of insurance covering different areas and coming with a particular set of terms and conditions can be confusing enough, while the legalities associated with writing wills and the complexities of preparing education fees and pension plans can make financial organisation a daunting task. Corporate entities, on the other hand, are not exempt from these problems; creating suitable packages for group medical insurance and employee benefits can be just as difficult.

There are various companies offering assistance for financial problems, and one of the best and most trusted among these is Globaleye, an independent firm of advisors founded in 1999. The Dubai-based company prides itself in its highly qualified consultants who have been trained to international standards. These qualities ensure that only the best service is given to clients, whether they are private individuals or sizeable commercial establishments. Also, since the company is comprised of independent advisors, clients can expect financial service that is unbiased and uninfluenced by any bank or investment company.

Globaleye offers a number of services for private clients, including life insurance, critical illness cover and medical insurance. Each of these packages will help clients during hard times, and availing of the company’s services will ensure that you get the best package for you and your family.

Individuals may also be interested in the company’s services for pension planning and will writing. Retirement can be a financially difficult situation for some people, especially if they did not save for this event. Planning for one’s golden years with Globaleye’s expert consultants can truly make this period in life “golden.” When one’s time draws near, however, it would be appropriate to plan for your loved one’s future as well. Writing a will may make some people uncomfortable—especially since most are not willing to address the issue of death—but it is a practical and worthwhile step that ensures one’s passing will not be too difficult, at least from a financial point of view. Globaleye can help private individuals in all matters of finances, whether they are a young couple buying a house for the first time, or a person of advanced years who wishes to secure his loved ones’ future.

Globaleye’s services are also appropriate for big businesses. The company can help employers create benefits packages that are fair for both employers and their personnel. The company offers services for planning corporate pensions as well as insurance for accidental death and long-term disability, among others.

Globaleye offers a complete package of services suited to individuals and companies alike. If you are looking for financial solutions for your personal or corporate issues, look no further than Globaleye, Dubai’s award winning independent finance advisory firm.