Easy tips to cut on your monthly spending

Easy tips to cut on your monthly spending

Cutting costs here and there doesn’t make you greedy, it simply makes you reasonable. Everyday, you spend more than you should, and pay the price at the end of the month. Globaleye looks at the simplest step you can take to reduce your expenditures.

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The electricity bill is the first place to look at. Even if you don’t realize you’re overspending, you probably are. Many items in your household are likely to continue to consume energy when you are not using them. Basically every single item in your house that displays a digital clock is consuming. Now ask yourself: do you really need to see the time on your microwave or DVD player? Of course unplugging all these devices can be time consuming, which you don’t want either, but simply using various power strips that you can turn off when you’re not using them could mean saving a significant ammount when the electricity bill comes.

Talking about needless expenditures, look at other items you’ve got at home. It’s the 2010’s, and if many things around you seem natural to have around, you’ll realize that you don’t need them anymore. For instance, when was the last time you used your landline? Chances are you take most -if not all- your calls on your mobile phone, so why not just get rid off it? On a similar note, do you really need cable TV? Of course it’s great to sit on your couch and surf between hundreds of channels, never finding something you actually want to watch, but why not take a look at the many alternatives out there? Netflix or Hulu can be much better alternatives, or Itunes and Amazones if you rely mostly on your laptop.

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Another easy and quick way to cut costs is to pay a bit more attention to the deadlines for payment: it may seem obvious, but everybody misses a due date once in a while. Of course it’s not the end of the world, but a few fees here and there can quickly add up. There are a bunch of bill tracking system and apps that you can use today (think Mint and the like) and make sure you never loose money on a late payment again.

Finally – and this may sound like grandma’s advice right there – when was the last time you packed your own lunch? Wherever you work, chances are you’re nearby a cafeteria and a bunch of restaurants, but even the cheapest option for ready-to-go meals are much more expensive that a decent home-made sandwich. If you think you don’t have the time to prepare lunch everyday, think of taking a couple hours to cook big during the week end – a massive salad or chili can have your lunches covered for days.

If all these advices sound a little obvious, just give it a try for a month and see if put together it doesn’t make a difference. We assure you it will.

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