Globaleye – Committed to Providing Top Quality Business Solutions

Even long established major corporations do not always have it all figured out,  which is why they know how vital it is to have a reliable group of financial advisors who can take a step back and assess the situation from all angles.  Globaleye, in its 13 years of work, has successfully grown a strong client base all over the world.  Known widely for being an independent firm that provides unbiased business solutions, it has become the premier go-to consultant of important international companies seeking financial planning assistance.

Many companies directly sought the services of Globaleye during the height of the global recession. The business financial planning assistance that the group provided secured the financial status of a number of companies. When major business groups left and right were forced to terminate their operations because of the strain brought about by the unstable global economy, these companies remained operational due undoubtedly to the expertise of the advisors from Globaleye.

Globaleye’s mission statement is, “to deliver unbiased financial solutions to corporate and private clients worldwide with an onus on innovation, service and professional integrity.”  This is easily vouched for by the fact that the group is not associated with any investment organization which is the very reason why their clients always have the assurance that their complete satisfaction is the sole objective of the company. This client-centred approach is one of the driving forces behind the success of the company; every service provided by Globaleye is tailored to the specifications of their clients.

It’s also important to note that Globaleye has upgraded its service through the creation of the Globaleye Bulletin Service, or GBS.  The GBS keeps subscribers up to date with the latest developments pertinent to the different business industries. Another new and important provision is the Globaleye Portfolio Service, or GPS, which provides a monthly email updates on the financial plans of clients. With these new programs the group’s clients easily have access to all the important information that affects financial planning trends thus giving them the advantage of incorporating new strategies to prevent any changes from impacting their businesses in a negative way.

It’s no wonder, in a relatively short span of time, Globaleye has managed to establish a client base of over 7,000.  The group exceeds the usual provisions of competing financial planning firms, goes the extra mile in making sure that they only provide top quality financial solutions, and it has even won the title of Personal Lines Broker of the Year in the Gulf Insurance Review Awards and, Policy Magazine’s Middle East Insurance Awards, and the MENA Insurance Awards— truly their clients can no longer ask for anything more.

Globaleye: Your Choice for Superior Financial Advice and Business Solutions

Handling financial affairs can be a tricky process, whether it’s a private matter or a corporate concern. For private individuals, dealing with various types of insurance covering different areas and coming with a particular set of terms and conditions can be confusing enough, while the legalities associated with writing wills and the complexities of preparing education fees and pension plans can make financial organisation a daunting task. Corporate entities, on the other hand, are not exempt from these problems; creating suitable packages for group medical insurance and employee benefits can be just as difficult.

There are various companies offering assistance for financial problems, and one of the best and most trusted among these is Globaleye, an independent firm of advisors founded in 1999. The Dubai-based company prides itself in its highly qualified consultants who have been trained to international standards. These qualities ensure that only the best service is given to clients, whether they are private individuals or sizeable commercial establishments. Also, since the company is comprised of independent advisors, clients can expect financial service that is unbiased and uninfluenced by any bank or investment company.

Globaleye offers a number of services for private clients, including life insurance, critical illness cover and medical insurance. Each of these packages will help clients during hard times, and availing of the company’s services will ensure that you get the best package for you and your family.

Individuals may also be interested in the company’s services for pension planning and will writing. Retirement can be a financially difficult situation for some people, especially if they did not save for this event. Planning for one’s golden years with Globaleye’s expert consultants can truly make this period in life “golden.” When one’s time draws near, however, it would be appropriate to plan for your loved one’s future as well. Writing a will may make some people uncomfortable—especially since most are not willing to address the issue of death—but it is a practical and worthwhile step that ensures one’s passing will not be too difficult, at least from a financial point of view. Globaleye can help private individuals in all matters of finances, whether they are a young couple buying a house for the first time, or a person of advanced years who wishes to secure his loved ones’ future.

Globaleye’s services are also appropriate for big businesses. The company can help employers create benefits packages that are fair for both employers and their personnel. The company offers services for planning corporate pensions as well as insurance for accidental death and long-term disability, among others.

Globaleye offers a complete package of services suited to individuals and companies alike. If you are looking for financial solutions for your personal or corporate issues, look no further than Globaleye, Dubai’s award winning independent finance advisory firm.

Handle Your Personal Finances Better with the Financial Calculators of Globaleye

Everybody could use some help managing their personal finances better; even those who are particularly gifted in dealing with money matters will sporadically require some assistance. With the financial calculators that Globaleye provides, knowing the important figures to become more prepared monetarily for the future is as simple as pressing a couple of buttons.

On Globaleye’s website there are nine financial calculators all absolutely free for use; each of them is designed to compute an approximate figure for a specific financial system.  The first calculator is the college savings calculator created to help parents and children save enough money to cover college education expenses.  It determines whether there may be a need to make budget adjustments or apply for financial assistance from lending institutions later on.

The second calculator is the retirement calculator. Many employees get started on their retirement savings really early in the hope of accommodating all their retirement goals. Using this calculator will help people better understand the different levels of the retirement financial system, allowing them to create an enhanced strategy to ensure their financial security once they stop working. Compared to the other online retirement calculators that just deal with the input of the users, the one Globaleye provides will even adjust for inflation so users end up with a more accurate figure.

A mortgage is something most people always allot money for.  Completely paying it off takes years for a lot of people, but with the help of the early mortgage pay-off calculator, people can devise a plan to finish off all mortgage payments earlier than the initial assigned breakdown. This calculator will help determine how much money can be added to the usual monthly rate to cover the complete mortgage within the adjusted schedule.

Those people who have dreams of becoming incredibly rich once they reach a certain age will surely find the millionaire calculator useful.  Simply learning how much money they can save within a given time as well as possible profits from investments can make becoming a millionaire more attainable.  A lot of young and successful people claim that doing the math and learning the breakdown required to meet the desired amount really make all the difference.

The other calculators available on Globaleye’s website include the annual housing appreciation calculator which works well for those who are waiting to sell their house; the commuting cost calculator which is incredibly important nowadays because of the insane gas prices which practically affect all aspects of living; the mortgage payment calculator; and the savings calculator.